Meet Brenda Servin

The owner’s name is Brenda Servin . She moved from El Salvador in 2007 when she was 18 years old , with the dream of becoming an actress .  Her first job was at Ralph’s as a courtesy clerk . It was very difficult because she had to learn a new language.  2 years later she was promoted to the floral department and that’s when she fell in love with flowers .

In 2013 she was the trainer for new floral managers , and she also worked at some Ralph’s remodels to build all the new displays at the floral shops . She worked at different stores , they sent her to the ones that needed help with sales and to fix the shrink because she was one of the best that the company had in her district .

She won some awards for sales at the holiday meetings . Most of her actual customers come from Ralph’s , she has loyal customers that they use to follow her to every store every time she got transfer  . She worked at the Ralph’s by USC for 4 years . Breaking sales record for not only her district but the whole company .


After working at Ralphs as a floral manager for 9 years and 11 years total. She decided to quit and decided to open her own business with her retirement savings from her 401k .


While  working at Ralph’s she was also trying to accomplish her dream about being an actress she took acting classes in Barbizon of Holywood . She participated in 2 beauty pageants and she also was a tv host for 3 tv shows in local channels as a part time . She was a model for some music videos too  .

She got married at a young age and now she is a mother of 3 beautiful kids . She felt like she was trying too hard to be in the industry business while working full time at Ralph’s and the pay wasn’t that good .  Time passed and she felt like she didn't have enough time for her family .  She chose to give up her acting dream and start another dream as a business owner .

With her experience as a floral manager she felt like she was ready to start her own business . in 2019 Brenda was so close to close her floral shop , becoming a business owner wasn't as easy as she thought it would be .

She worked at the LAX during 7 months at night time , and she used social media in order to try to make more sales .

She started getting more customers and her sales were better .

Then the pandemic happened and once again it was a very hard time .

We are still open thanks to family , friends and all

of you that decides to support us .